Meet the Team

Why Boudoir?

I once read an article about how negative advertising practices have influenced people towards anxiety and self doubt over the years. Buy the right deodorant, or you’ll smell and nobody will like you; wear the right clothes if you want to be cool; all around us, we’re being fed the message that we’re imperfect and need to mold ourselves into some distorted variation of who we really are in order to be acceptable.


To me, boudoir is all about working to reverse the negative internal image caused by constantly being bombarded about our perceived inadequacies. Every person on this planet deserves to see how beautiful and magnificent they are, with no additives required. I consider it a privilege to be part of that process.

– Jason
Jason Bell


Studio Manager

Cindy is always ready & willing to help with anything from coordinating schedules, picking up a camera or posing adjustments. If it needs doing, she’s happy to assist. When she finally finds time to focus on herself, she enjoys watching crime dramas, reading fantasy novels and getting creative in the kitchen.

Jason Bell


Hair & Makeup Artist

Heather loved playing around with hair and makeup while growing up, and would sometimes use her younger siblings as models. As an adult she decided to follow her childhood dreams by obtaining her cosmetology license in 2017. Aside from helping our clients look amazing, she spends her time chasing after her kids and watching crime dramas.


Jason Bell



When not behind a camera, Jason is usually flying one of his many drones or seeking to expand his knowledge & awareness of the world around him. He tries to find the humor in every situation, and is driven by the belief that bringing more laughter & smiles into the world is a crucial ingredient for happiness.